Securus Technologies: Taking Technology and Customer Service to the Next Level

Securus Technologies is making correctional facilities better places, every day. The company has recently acquired JPay and GovPayNet to develop new technology faster. The newest invention is designed to keep contraband cell phones from being used in facilities. Known as a Wireless Containment System, the device looks and acts like a cell phone tower. Creating its own network in the facility; the device detects and disconnects any attempted calls. While the project is still in its testing stages, Wireless Containment System devices have successfully prevented close to two million calls.


Robert Johnson is a retired Corrections Officer, who knows all about the dangers of contraband cellular devices. His position required locating and ridding the prison (where he worked), of contraband. He once seized a $50,000 package, containing a prepaid debit card. Because of the confiscation, he was made a target by a prison gang. By using a contraband cell phone, the inmates were able to plot a shooting. Johnson was shot six times in his own home. Barely surviving himself, he was able to protect his wife. Johnson has since made it his goal to end this problem with Wireless Containment System devices. He now works as a consultant with Securus Technologies and is passionate about the cause. Other corrections professionals also deem contraband cell phones as one of the greatest security threats in facilities. Working alongside its two newly acquired companies of JPay and GovPayNet; Securus Technologies is working towards making the technology present in all facilities. JPay provides money transfer services and prepaid accounts to inmates. GovPayNet is a governmental payment processor, specializing in cash bail payment processing, court costs, traffic citations, and the like.


Securus Technologies has over three decades of experience in corrections management. The company is currently headquartered in Carrollton, Texas. The company is best known for providing facilities with management software, inmate monitoring, and much more. Inmates and their loved ones know Securus Technologies for their communications services. Calling plans, voicemail, video visitation, and now even tablets are among the most popular services.


Securus Technologies has accomplished a great customer service record. With nearly all problems solved on just one call to their contact center, they’re solution oriented. They’ve achieved survey results with an over 95 percent customer satisfaction rating. This is an outstanding accomplishment, for any company. The Better Business Bureau has also recently awarded full accreditation to the company. An “A+” rating with the BBB is also another testament to the great service and corporate social responsibility. Despite all the innovation, Securus Technologies makes customers their top priority. Now is a great time to check out this award-winning company. In the future, Securus Technologies will most likely become the authority on all technology related products and services.


Betsy DeVos Prepares for Political Battle in Washington D.C.

What does it take to make education reformation a reality in the United States of America? That is a question that newly minted Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, will be angling to find out. Betsy DeVos was confirmed by the Senate in a hearing to make her the head of the Department of Education. The position was made possible by President Donald J. Trump’s desire to completely change how Washington D.C. operates. President Trump rode a wave of populism and ‘outsider perspective’ straight into the White House and it looks like he is going to be expecting the same from the administration that he puts around him. While there are many high-profile names on Trump’s administrative list of hires, Betsy DeVos blends in and doesn’t stick out at all. What does Betsy DeVos bring to the table? Why will she be counted on by President Trump himself?


Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. after spending her entire career in Michigan, where she was born and raised. Betsy DeVos has become something of a mainstream name in Michigan politics, despite having never held office, and it is through her work in the Northern state that she has become something of a local legend. Betsy DeVos is for school reformation in a way that no other conservative figure has managed to be. She has become the champion of the voucher system known as school choice and she is bringing that passion and intensity of her belief-set to Washington D.C.


In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos will soon realize that things won’t be as easy for her as they will be back at home but that likely won’t even slow her down. Betsy DeVos has spent the past thirty years trying to spread the word about education reform and she’s going to be seizing upon her federal position in order to extend her reach even more. One of the big things that DeVos will have to overcome in D.C. is the propensity for career politicians to push back against a relatively fresh face in the room. As it turns out, pushing back against Betsy DeVos could end up becoming a political misstep.


During her time in Michigan, Betsy DeVos came to know Mike Cox, a prominent Republican, and former State AG. Cox quickly made it apparent that he believes DeVos is more than qualified for the job. In fact, he went as far as to say that DeVos had a habit of inspiring a bit of fear in the people that she has to engage with during negotiations. Cox went on to clarify that DeVos is so “determined” and “steely” when she’s focused on an idea, that she can end up completely overpowering opposition from other politicians. DeVos also scored rare high-marks from prominent teacher’s union activists and this is doubly surprising because most teacher’s tend to be pretty progressive, thus making their words ring all the more sincere due to the rarity of them.


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Talk Fusion Announces Expansion In India With New Office

Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, was proud to announce in a recent interview that Talk Fusion has expanded through India. He was pleased to let everyone know that the people who are working with their new office were very excited to be a part of Talk Fusion.

The new manager of the India office has been announced and will be Guru Lal Singh. He is eager to be a part of the Talk Fusion family, noting that videos bring life to messages and this will be an exciting new product for his local market. He is focused on building a successful office and noted that Reina would be heading to India soon where the two could collaborate on the new office and its plans. Guru feels incredibly confident that Talk Fusion’s products will be able to offer something new and special that will improve the lives of many people who call India home as well as people around the Globe. This new location will mainly be used as a support system that is dedicated to the customers located in India.

On its home turf, Talk Fusion is known for their state of the art video email products. The company got its start in 2004 when Reina attempted to send a video through email but discovered that it wasn’t possible. He realized that there was a need for that technology and with the help of a friend, Talk Fusion was born. The company began as a video marketing program but rapidly grew into a company that includes many useful tools for marketing like video chat, live video meetings, video newsletters, and much more. While their products are outstanding, the company also offers a competitive compensation package. Associates not only earn their pay, but also the opportunity to earn prizes that includes diamond jewelry and more.

This compensation package is something that will be especially appealing to the India office. While Talk Fusion has expand across 140 countries, this new office will offer many new associates the opportunity to be a part of a dynamic and award winning company that offers rewarding pay that is available instantly. The earnings opportunities are only limited by the associate themselves as they are responsible for making direct sales, and once the sale is made, their pay is available to them within minutes.

Talk Fusion has experienced rapid growth over the last few years, and the new office, located in New Delhi, India, is part of that. The popularity and practicality of their products keeps allows them to continuously expand as the market continues to open up for more and more people. For more detailed information about this new office, read the full article here.  Learn more:

The New US Money Reserve eBook is All About Helping People with Their Wealth

While many people may consider wealth to be the ultimate sign of success, others know that it can sometimes pose a hassle. There are many things that make things about wealth more complicated and that is a big part of how people are able to interpret it. They know they have to do different things that will change depending on the issues they are facing. US Money Reserve wants people to know that global risks can be a thing of the past if they know how to handle their wealth the right way. The company is dedicated to showing people how to manage their wealth and that’s how they are going to continue doing their best no matter what they are looking at. For them to do this, they know they will need to keep making the right moves and showing people the right things that will change what they have done in the past.


Even though there are different things that wealth can mean to different people, global risk is something that everyone has to deal with. They know what they want to do and the US Money Reserve knows how to show them what they can do to make that happen. It is their way of providing a valuable service to the people who they work with and the people who they are trying to do business with. It is the right move to make no matter what issues they are facing or what they are doing with those issues.


By bringing attention to the problems that are going on in the world around them, US Money Reserve knows what it is like to give opportunities to those who need it. They have done their best to make sure things are going to continue to be better and they know what they will need to do. It all goes back to how they are doing things right and how they are bringing hep to the problems that would typically happen in the real estate investment business. Even though they are doing this, the US Money Reserve likes to show people how they are helping. They are confident this is what will give them everything they need and it will allow them the chance to make sure they can experience a more positive aspect of life. The company knows how to be successful and isn’t afraid to show their clients the right way to do it.


Inmate Cell Phone Use Being Addressed By Securus Technologies with Containment System

March 5, 2010 is a day that Robert Johnson will never forget. That was the day that an armed gunman arrived at his South Carolina home at 5:00 A.M. and shot him seven times striking him in the stomach and chest. Robert has since had 23 surgeries, and there is not a day that he goes without physical pain.


The incident that precipitated the attempted murder of Robert happened two weeks prior. He was employed by the South Carolina Department of Corrections and captain at the Lee Correctional Institute which has the largest inmate population within the state. Robert intercepted a package that was worth $50,000 of banned material within the facility. The shooting was retaliation for carrying out his duty to enforce the policies of inmates bringing known contraband such drugs into the state prison.


Inmates are forbidden to own cell phones and considered as contraband within correctional facilities. However, three inmates were able to use a cell phone to order Robert killed for his decision to intervene in the delivery of the package. The retaliation was carried out by ex-convict Sean Echols who was later arrested and confessed. The Federal Bureau of Investigations found cell phone records that proved he was paid by three of his former inmates for a plot to kill Robert. Sean Echols plead guilty for the conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire and was convicted of the federal crime.


Robert was employed by the South Carolina Department of Corrections for 15 years and now works as a consultant for Securus Technologies. He’s spoken about inmate cell phones for seven years.


Earlier this year, he spoke to the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) during an open hearing about the dangers that inmate cell phone usage presents to the public’s safety. Johnson said: “Inmates having access to cell phones and being able to use them is a danger to the [public].” The FCC regulates the rules of intervening with cell phone providers and restricting connections is not allowed under current regulations.


Securus Technologies has taken action on the cell phone contraband issue by investing more than $40 million into a Wireless Containment System (WCS). The company provides law enforcement and correctional facilities the largest technological oversight in the country for public safety. WCS was developed to facilitate illegal cell phone use by inmates and allows correctional facilities the ability to circumnavigate calls in a way that will reduce or eliminate crime activity.


Within 12 months, Securus Technologies was able to detect and prevent more than 1.7 million inbound and outbound cell phone calls by inmates among eight U.S. correctional facilities. The company has contracted with three Florida correctional facilities to receive WCS and plans have already been made to add more in the coming year.


Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania in 1950 and has practiced dental surgery in the UK since graduating from University of London at the age of 25.

Sachedina is a skilled dental surgeon. Shafik Sachedina also volunteers in Aiglemont in France at the Aga Khan Secretariat as head of the Jamati Institutions department. Shafik Sachedina was Imara U.K. Limited’s director.

Sachedina is not only a doctor, but an entrepreneur who owns Sussex Health Care, which not only provides both residential and day-care services, but awards its students with diplomas to pursue higher education. Prior to receiving their diplomas, students were required each month to attend workshops as well as complete work-based assignments.

Dr Shafik Sachedina being the co-owner, is proud of the work his staff at Sussex Health has done to ensure improvement in the lives of its service users. Sussex Health Care, Care Centers & Support Services provided more than twenty-five years of excellent healthcare in each of the following unique quality-centered services: elderly care; care for the elderly suffering from dementia; neurological care; and care for people suffering from physical and mental disabilities.


Sussex Health Care believes in the importance of deciding on the most comfortable and safe homes for the elderly population, which includes protecting the right to having a normal and simple life. Every home includes activities and programs such as handicrafts and art therapy. Sussex Health Care also consists of experts in the following therapy specialties: physiotherapy, occupational, reflexology, and more.

Dementia care is essential due to a a dramatic increase in the United Kingdom’s and globe’s growing number of older people. According to Sussex Health Care both uses a person-centered care approach and trains its staff to take care of all dementia patients because it believes that people with conditions linked to dementia have a right to live a much of a physically active and normal life as possible.

Specialists and staff at the Sussex Health Care are also trained in providing great care to patients suffering from neurological diseases, which includes Huntington’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease and more. People with learning disabilities and/or physical disabilities, like the previously mentioned categories of people, are cared for not only by skilled staff and experts using the person-centered approach.

Sussex Health Care acknowledges the difficulty family members and others have in communicating with children and adults suffering from mental and learning disabilities, and uses communication aides such as assisted technology, switches, and specialist computer systems – touch screens, and more to promote communication with loved ones.

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An in depth look at Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a well known Israeli Diplomat. In addition, Daniel Taub is an Attorney and accomplished Writer/Author. Mr. Taub has had an interesting career. He served as Ambassador of the United Kingdom for a period of four years. Currently, Daniel Taub is the Director of an organization called Yad Hanadiv Foundation. The Yad Hanadiv Foundation is also referred to as the Rothchild Foundation.


Daniel Taub has some impressive education credentials. He attended Oxford University as well as Harvard University. Uncertain about what career path to take after college, Taub decided to join the Israeli Defense Forces. At one point, Daniel Taub has attained Command Officer status. However, he decided to leave the Defense Force and start a working career.


Daniel Taub got a job as a Speechwriter. He enjoyed working as a Speechwriter however, a year later he left his position to join the Foreign Ministry. Mr. Taub held several positions within the Foreign Ministry. Daniel Taub decided to put his law degree to use when he became a Legal adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Taub has expertise within the field of International Law. During his tenure with the Foreign Ministry, Daniel Taub took several trips to the United Nations. Taub even had a part in enforcing the Palestinian Peace Treaty. He represented Israel concerning issues involving the Investigative Committee.


Daniel Taub became a strong supporter of the Red Cross. Taub even received the “Grass Root Diplomat” Award for his involvement with trade and commerce issues. Daniel Taub was responsible for increased trade production which involved the UK and Israel.


Daniel Taub is also an accomplished public speaker and well known leader. Taub has appeared on numerous Television programs including Sky News. In addition, Daniel Taub appeared as a special guest host on the BBC Radio Network. Taub mainly discussed his involvement within Government as well as Foreign Affairs issues. He appears to be a modest man that is not concerned about Publicity or Fame.


Daniel Taub appeared on CNN in early 2017. Taub’s appearance on CNN was to discuss matters pertaining to “security breaches” within Government and how to rectify this growing problem.

Richard DeVos as a Businessman and a Proponent of Education

Richard ”Dick” DeVos has dedicated his career to business and professional excellence. He has also been heavily involved in philanthropy through his Education Freedom Fund.


Richard DeVos first started messing experience in the business sector when he assumed his position in the Amway Corporation. The business is a family company operating in the industry of distribution which Richard DeVos created in collaboration with his grandfather. He was a highly successful and skilled businessman, and so Richard DeVos had the chance to learn a lot from him about handling a company.


Over the course of his career, Richard DeVos has worked at a handful of position during his years at the Amway Corporation. His first significant job was when he was appointed to Amway International as its Vice President. Richard DeVos was responsible for the international sales of Amway Corporation, something he took very seriously.


That was when Richard DeVos was able to shine for the first time prove himself as a businessman and leader. He was responsible for business in 18 countries beyond North America. While Richard DeVos was at the position, he made a wide number of improvements. He managed to triple the sales of the company, and for the first time, Amway Corporation had more international sales than domestic sales.


Later in his career, Richard DeVos became President of the Amway Corporation after the men in the family either passed away or stepped away from the job. Richard DeVos assumed the presidential post in 1993 and stayed at the Amway corporation until 2002. At the end of his tenure, the Amway Corporation reported that it has been able to reach an all-time high in profits, the sum being up to $4.5 billion.


After the Amway Corporation was acquired by another business, Richard DeVos stepped away from the business for good. He had previously established a company of his own called Windqyest Group which was working on storage solutions. Richard DeVos decided to dedicate his time to the company. Today part of the leadership is in the hands of his wife.


In terms of philanthropy work, Richard DeVos has been actively involved in the education sector. He established the Education Freedom Fund which provided 4 000 underprivileged students with scholarships and the chance to continue their education. Richard DeVos has also been on the board of a number of schools.


Richard DeVos is currently an active donor to charities in the education sector, and he also funds school programs.


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Why Mike Baur Is the King of Startup Funding

Mike Baur is a very brilliant Swiss man whose name is prominent throughout the startup world. He is an established entrepreneur, business as well as a financial acumen. With well over two decades worth of banking experience, Mr. Baur felt that it was about that time he took all of his brilliance and knowledge and starting up something that will not only make him a lot of money but also help others come up.


That kind of thinking is what led to the creation the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, a very successful company which he proudly co-founded. His other brilliant partners include Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, who also happen to share his kind of brilliance and vision. Thanks for the type of dedication the team exhibited, The Wall Street Journal profiled their company back in 2016, which is quite a big deal especially in the world of entrepreneurship.


Mike Baur realized that a lot of amazing startups crash and burn way before they even take off because of some variables – the main one being lack of funding. Even worse, the people who come up with such brilliant ideas more often than not end up failing in their ventures because they lack proper guidance.


And since he has been there and done that, Mike Baur wanted to make sure that these brilliant minds that happen to be inexperienced have the best guidance and nurturing. And since no one was doing it, he figured that it was his calling to help up and coming brilliant minds to do something unusual with their innovations.


When Mr. Baur isn’t working round the clock to make other people rich and successful, he is always following the sports world closely. Just like everyone else, Mr. Baur happens to be the number one fan of the Fribourg Gotteron, a famous hockey team in his hometown. He is also a massive fan of the Swiss Tennis pros who are always on the ATP Tour.


And despite the fact that he is on top of the food chain, Mr. Baur is always looking to learn through quite many mediums. First and foremost, he still surrounds himself with some of the most brilliant friends that he is lucky enough to refer to as colleagues. He also keeps a close ear to fellow investors as well as the startups that he is consistently helping to get their breakthrough.


Talk Fusion Is Helping People Even More

The founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has recently partnered with HuffPost to put out knowledge to the world. Bob Reina is going to be writing two articles every week. These articles will be geared towards getting people fired up about following their dreams and accomplishing their short=term goals. Though these articles are written to the business community, Bob Reina believes all people will benefit from reading them. The focus of Bob Reina is for business owners and others to rebrand their life in a way that brings popularity to them and clarity to their actions.


The editor of HuffPost, Lydia Polgreen, stated that she loves editing articles written by Bob Reina. Though other writers have made their mark in HuffPost, Polgreen belives Bob Reina understands the direction that HuffPost is headed. Lydia Polgreen wants HuffPost to be a platform where people come to find relief from the troubles of the world. Instead of just putting out information regarding the business world and information regarding world issues, Polgreen wants HuffPost to give detailed instructions on how people can fix their life and stay on the right track. In a world full of negative news, Polgreen wants to put forth a positive outlook.


Talk Fusion is an organization that was started nearly a decade ago. With the burst in Internet videos, Talk Fusion wanted business owners to take advantage of this by promoting their businesses through online videos. Bob Reina then developed a team of Internet video specialists who changed the world. For the first time, Talk Fusion put forth two-minute videos that took of 30 second space. These videos were then sent out as promotional emails. Businesses who took Talk Fusion at their word saw a 50% increase in sales in just a few short months.


Talk Fusion now sells this software at a very cheap price. The software takes every business owner step by step through the promotion process. The business owner will choose a certain template, upload a video, and downsize the video to make it attachable to an email. There are many other benefits Talk Fusion offers, too. Learn more: