Adam Milstein Is The Latest Guest On Ideamensch

Adam Milstein currently works as a managing director at the private real estate firm, Hager Pacific Properties. With multiple locations around the United States, Hager Pacific Properties is a commercial real estate development firm that focuses on redeveloping real estate assets through redevelopment or renovation and reselling them on the real estate market for a profit. The firm also invests in residential properties, including both single family and multi-family or apartment dwellings. Hager Pacific Properties also spends capital on industrial and warehouse facilities to redevelop and redesign them with the ultimate goal of selling them off or leasing them off. Adam Milstein works at the Encino, California location in the metropolitan Los Angeles area of Hager Pacific Properties.


The highly successful real estate entrepreneur was a recent guest on Ideamensch. The online site which shares the story of successful business people and leaders in industry interviewed Adam Milstein on his rise to success in real estate. The following is a short summary of that interview.


Ideamensch inquired how Adam Milstein got involved with Hager Pacific Properties and the commercial real estate industry in the United States. Adam Milstein responded by saying that he came to the USA to complete a graduate degree program in business. After completing the program Adam Milstein decided to stay in the USA along with his family. Instead of accepting the job offers he got while studying business administration at USC, Milstein instead struck out as an independent commercial real estate broker for a while. Eventually he landed a position with Hager Pacific Properties and became a managing director there.


Adam Milstein was asked about a failure in business that he had to overcome in his life. His answer was that he wanted to become rich and successful in a very short amount of time. Thankfully, Adam made this blunder while he was relatively young. While still in college in Israel Adam Milstein though he could make huge profits by selling art to temples. He quickly got a large stock of art, but then struggled to sell them. The art took so long to sell and Adam made very little profit. He now knows not to be hasty in business or when investing money.

Using Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Beauty Routine to Stay Looking Young Longer

A beauty routine is much like a piece of art work. It takes time and patience and learning how to do it properly before the end result is perfection. For one business in particular, Lime Crime, they know this and have mastered the beauty routine to help others out. Being beautiful does not come easy but it is easier with the right tips and the right products.


The founder for Lime Crime, Doe Deere knows how difficult it can be herself and therefore she has mastered a routine that will help others to achieve their ultimate goals of staying beautiful and younger looking.


Doe Deere is no stranger to routine and because of this, she starts each morning the same way. She is awake each morning at 8:30 and promptly gets a glass of water. Maintaining hydration is vital for keeping your skin looking good and maintaining elasticity. The more elasticity that is in your face, the younger you will look.


For most people, they require 8 hours of sleep but for Doe, she swears that her magic number is 9. She makes sure to get 9 hours of sleep each night and this keeps her skin looking its best. She explains that just because this is her own number does not mean that you must also get that same amount of sleep. Each person is different and therefore each person has a different amount of time that they need in order to maintain their own body.


One key that is vital for staying young looking is to stretch your body out. By stretching you are releasing areas of the body that are tight and this helps to release the body of toxins inside of it. Doe Deere understands this and appreciates this and therefore stretches every morning.


Doe Deere knows how difficult it can be to maintain a business and therefore has done everything she can to make sure her business is successful. One of those things is to ensure that she stays up to date with everything that is happening at the office. She uses a internal chat program to keep in touch with those people at the office she needs to speak to prior to arriving for work each morning.


Making sure that you are running a successful business means that you have to put things aside and therefore keeping away from social accounts and programs prior to the afternoon is what helps to keep Doe on top of her game. She understands that you have to use social networks these days in order to keep up with technology and business but knows it has to be limited in order to keep the business moving outside of the internet.


You need to also maintain a beauty routine that works for you during the busy times of running a business. Doe knows how important the beauty routine is and therefore has a number of items that she uses to keep young looking. As long as you appreciate and respect your routine, you are sure to benefit from it. That is why routine is so vital to maintaining all aspects of business, relationships and even friendships.