Jake Gottlieb

The son of Polish immigrants, Jacob Gottlieb has risen to become the Chief Investment Officer of Visium Asset Management. A healthcare hedge fund company, it pulled in $8 billion in profits.


Gottlieb was born in Brooklyn, New York in the 1960s. His father was an economics professor at City University of New York, while his mother worked as a pediatrician. This combination resulted in Gottlieb taking an interest in both economics and medicine. He showed his knack for business in middle school when he won a contest that involved picking stocks, and most of those Gottlieb picked were successful. Later, he worked at a local golf course selling beverages to golfers from his push cart.


When he went to New York University, he studied both his interests, earning a B.A. in economics and his degree as an M.D. After his medical internship at St. Vincent’s Hopsital, Gottlieb opted to concentrate on a financial career and became a Chartered Financial Analyst on Wall Street.


In the early part of the 21st Century, Gottlieb became the healthcare portfolio manager for Merlin Biomed Group. After a stint with Balyasny Asset Management, Gottlieb started up Visium in 2005. In ten years, the company grew to a multi-billion dollar business with 170 employees.


Beyond the business world, Gottlieb is very active with non-profits. One of the charities he supports is Covenant House. This international charity provides shelter, food, and crisis care to homeless children. Other services Covenant House offers include drug treatment, skills training, aftercare, transitional living, and mental health care.


Impressionable Facts about Madison Street Capital

James Tyson, the president of Professional pipe PPI, has announced his gratefulness towards Madison Capital that took the initiative to offer the firm advice concerning their transaction with KJM Capital. PPI which offers piping installation services has successfully completed their deal with KJM Capital and looks forward to making their firms services known to almost every company in the United States. Besides, Tyson insists that the entire process was challenging, but due to the help they received from Madison Street Capital, they have successfully gone through the procedure.

Madison Street Capital has for a long time provided firms with advisory concerning their strategic deals with other firms, besides linking them up with their perfect business partners. Merger and acquisition expertise, financial advisory, valuation services, among many others are among the major services that Madison Street Capital offers to its potential customers. The firm has strived to help upcoming companies grow and through their advice, they have successfully seen a vast number of investors make it through the challenging markets. Many investors across the United States rely on the services of the firm to develop their firms and avoid taking measures that could risk their firms.

Teamwork has since the beginning, been the major focus of Madison Street Capital`s team of employees, who have always shown dedication towards offering their customers with the best services. Their good listening skills have seen them attract a vast number of clients, through which they have successfully delivered professional advisory through their expertise.

Besides, the integrity and expertise shown by Madison Street Capital have seen them earn an extraordinary reputation, hence emerging as the most sought-after financial advisors both in North America and the broader parts of Asia. Madison Street Capital has acquired a great chance to serve famous companies like Central Lowa Energy, Bond Medical Group, and Fiber Science, among many others.

The firm has its headquarters in Chicago and is proud of the good name it has acquired through their services. Due to the caution and dedication exercised by its leaders and team of employees, Madison Street Capital has successfully extended its services to many other areas, majorly Ghana, India, and Oregon. In addition to that, the firm`s leaders have built a strong relationship with investors in the various locations, with an aim of being their chief advisors. Their dedication towards delivering the best services has seen them win the hearts and trust of many investors, with a vast number of business owners seeking their thoughts concerning deals that they need to partake. Madison Street Capital looks to keep expanding in future and they recently earned a new customer, in DCG Software Value, they served as the primary advisors of the firm during their recent transaction.


Read https://www.pr.com/press-release/750665 to learn more.

Sean Penn’s writes a book called “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

This March Sean Penn released his new book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” and sat down with Vogue Magazine to discuss it. Trevor Noah described the book as a strange take on the current state of affairs in America, and this seems to be an accurate take. Penn told Noah Trevor that the book looks at the dark side of human nature, and how there is a fine line between democracy and fascist tendencies. Penn told Vogue that he has no intention in going back to acting, as this book was a necessary write. The book is about Bob Honey, an angry American, who kills senior citizens with a mallet as his side job. Bob believes these citizens are halting progress.


Though the parallels can be absurd at times, Penn tells Vogue that he places the book as a metaphoric version of the #METOO movement. At some points in the book, Bob witnesses the 2016 presidential election, and at another he writes an angry letter to the elected president, telling him that he is not fit for the office. This seems to be a clear stab at the current events. Penn relates Bob’s mallet to his view that a lot of American citizens want to join the military, yet they have no direction or cause. This could explain why Bob feels that he is serving “progress.”


Aside from talking about the satirical nature of this book, Penn tells Noah about his anger towards President Trump’s ideas on Haiti. He also talks about the current state of affairs in Venezuela, and his unlikely friendship with Hugo Chavez. He then urges against the war on drugs and U.S. foreign policy, saying that it was crucial for him to interview EL Chapo for this reason. Penn seems to be critical of the U.S.’s enforcement of democracy in the World, and seems to look at its dark side in this book. He did a good job at doing so.




Dr. Saad, Doctor In Skill But Engineer by Heart

When a person names a doctor that has literally had impacted the world it is hard not to come up with the name Dr. Saad Saad. He has treated patients from all walks of life, Royals, the poor and the middle class. In his theatre room children from all races and religion have laid there waiting for his masterful hand to restore them back to health to face the future. For more than 40 years he had touched not only the body of ailing children but hearts and souls at least.

The great surgeon was born in Palestine but raised in Kuwait, him being one among eight children. The family is made of 3 surgeons, 2 engineers, and teachers. Funny enough he wanted to be an engineer but later changed to pursue medicine. He undertook his Medical degree at Cairo University where he excelled and earned was the second in his class. This academic success is attributed to his poor upbringing. However, when he was still in Medical school he traveled to Lebanon to do the ECFMG exam that changed his life forever. This allowed him to go to the United States where he lives up to date.Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/saad-saad/

His journey in the world of medicine took a step further when he went to do his internship in the United Kingdom. The journey continued as he headed to the United States where he did a residency in surgery and in pediatric surgery. Later, the US Board Certified in Pediatric Surgeon certified him and let him move to the next step in his journey.

Dr. Saad served as the surgeon chief and Co-medical director of K Hovnanian Children Hospital. His life took a major step forward when he was given a job offer to work for the Saudi Arabia royal family. Dr. Saad Saad worked for the Saudi Arabia Royal Family for Four and half years where he accomplished a lot.

In his time in the Middle East, he was able to find time to lecture the surgical club. He also developed the first surgical residency program in Saudi Arabia that enabled students to study in their home country instead of traveling abroad. Dr. Saad also found time to carry out the mission, he carried out four free medical missions in the United States and 8 medical missions in Jerusalem to treat poor but needy children. However, the highlight of his time in Saudi Arabia was the treatment of the youngest child ever admitted to hospital with an aneurysm. This medical marvel was recorded in a medical journal to help other doctors.

The man now retired and living in Red Bank N.J was a medical inventor too. He invented the Catheter with tracking mechanism and the visual suction/ irrigation rigid endoscope. This just shows what happens when a medical doctor with an engineering heart operates.


Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

When it comes to caring for others, Amanda Morgan-Taylor has had a wealth of experience. In fact, she has worked in the healthcare industry for over three decades. Perhaps this is what made her the ideal candidate for her new position as the CEO of Sussex Healthcare, a facility that is located in the United Kingdom.

Sussex announced this change in its structure towards the end of last year, however, Taylor has steadily been working on a few changes since that time. By the time that she had officially taken over as the company’s new CEO she had already created a new position that she hopes will improve compliance as well as quality.

And this is exactly the type of move that the facility was looking for. They have already earned their place among the best in independent nursing. In fact, of all independent nursing homes in Sussex, this facility is the only to have double accreditation. This is because they are dedicated to providing their residents with the best of care.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare’s New Facility Is As Amazing As Its Quality Of Care

Sussex treats residents of all kinds, including those who are physically ill, have mental handicaps or battle diseases such as Parkinson’s. These individuals are treated to a comfortable and caring living environment and social events. They also have access to a state of the art gym.

In fact, the Sussex Healthcare gym boasts the best of machines and equipment. Residents can use the pool to get exercise and improve their posture, the hot tub to improve the soreness in their muscles and lift weights. And this all comes with the assistance of personal trainers as well as a meal plan.

Sussex Healthcare has been serving the community for over 20 years. It first opened its doors in the 1980’s and has only improved its services since then. Taylor hopes to keep the tradition of excellence going. That’s why she made it a point to do research on what was most important her residents and staff. One of her first official duties was to visit each facility and speak with the team members who worked there as well as the residents and family of the residents.

Sussex Healthcare is not only dedicated to improving their residents’ quality of life, but in the event of their passing, they work to ensure that the individual is as comfortable as possible. This is the kind of service that has made the company stand out. Their compassion, diligence, and attention to detail make them a premium choice.

Check more about Sussex Healthcare: https://sussexhealthcare.jobs.net/

Whitney Wolfe On A Mission!

Two heavy hitters in the dating app social media arena have come out hitting each other with major claims that have rocked both companies. One being social media giant Tinder and the other being the popular women’s dating app called Bumble. Where a lawsuit filed by Tinder’s parent company Match Group alleged copyright infringement on two of Tinder’s popular app designs. Bumbles founder Whitney Wolfe Herd an ex employee is fighting back with her own claims, citing that Match Group would later use bulling tactics after her sexual harassment lawsuit against them and that all allegations against her company have no merit.

Whitney Wolfe Herd the founder of Bumble found herself engulfed in a firestorm after her resignation from Tinder where she was Vice President of Marketing, due to sexual harassment and discrimination. Even though she won her lawsuit against the company she cited the company used bullying tactics because of her unwillingness to sell her dating app to the company and the past lawsuit.

Whitney herself being a graduate of Southern Methodist University where she studied international business, she had an affinity for business and marketing. She found herself dabbling in business with her tote bag company to benefit the BP oil spill and later continued her efforts at the forefront of a startup called Tinder app as VP of Marketing. She helped grow the dating app success but soon grew frustrated with her treatment there and severed ties.

Whitney Wolfe soon put her efforts into her own app called Bumble where she put women in the forefront of dating by allowing women to make the first move in the dating process by swiping left or right to move forward in dating encounters. Not only has she seen success with the app but it has lead her to expand to other ventures in business networking with Bumble Biz and friendship discovery with Bumble BFF, growing its market to more than 22 million users.

Being one of the leaders in the “metoo” movement she has given a strong voice to stand up for women’s rights and sexual injustices at such conferences as SXSW. With being outspoken and standing up for equality she has also find the time to find love with her husband, oil and gas heir Michael Herd, who she met at a ski resort and were soon engaged. Representing those who don’t have a voice has become her mission.

Dr. Saad Saad

Over his many years of practicing medicine, Dr. Saad Saad has learned valuable life lessons. His first lesson is to never accept anything except the success you seek. Dr. Saad was born in the late 1940’s in rapidly changing Palestine. The State of Israel was being created, and thousands of Palestinians were being forcefully relocated. As a very young child, Dr. Saad’s mother was told to immediately board a bus with her children and go to an unknown location. So, with nothing but the clothes they were wearing, the Saad family got on the bus, leaving behind their home for the West Bank.

As a young child, Dr. Saad’s father, a skilled petroleum maker, relocated the family to Kuwait in order to take advantage of the recently booming oil market. Although the family was doing fine, Dr. Saad’s family told him an important life lesson- always strive for a higher level of education, because that’s the only way you’ll be respected. Without a good education, Dr. Saad’s father never had the life he wanted for his family.

Dr. Saad took this advice to heart. One day, after working at a construction site on an extremely hot summer day, Saad fainted. After this event, he decided he would only work in Air Conditioning. At the time, the only place that had constant air conditioning was the hospital. Because of his high level of education, Dr. Saad was able to obtain a job in the hospital.

Another lesson Dr. Saad has learned over the years is that you should never wait until tomorrow to a task that you can do right now. Dr. Saad has always known that a strong work ethic is a good way to be successful, and therefore he never waits around or procrastinates jobs. This mindset helped Dr. Saad become the first US board Certified Pediatric Surgeon that fluent in both English and Arabic. With a new board certification, doors that hadn’t been open for many others were suddenly flung wide open for Dr. Saad.

Dr. Saad insists that the best way to reach your goals is to work for them. He believes this is why he was able to begin a new life in America, and then become so successful. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/saad-saad/


Dr. Saad Saad is an American Palestinian pediatric surgeon. He immigrated to America from Palestine as a young man, determined to become a pediatric surgeon. In 1980, he became the first US board certified pediatric surgeon who is fluent in both English and Arabic. He has been practicing pediatrics for over 20 years.

Dr. Saad is one of nearly 40 doctors working at Jersey Shore University Medical center, and one of thirty of Monmouth Medical Center.

Why Investing With The U.S Money Reserve Might Save You From Inflation

Inflation may seem like something that is a far-out economic concept, but the fact is that it affects us more than we could ever imagine. With the current financial situation that we are in, the rate at which the inflation is rising is immense, which has led to a number of disadvantages to the general public.



Inflation is generally seen when the cost of goods rises over time, either because of an increase in demand for goods and services, scarcity of good and services, and increasing production costs. The cost of Almost most things that can be purchased tends to increase over time, thereby resulting in inflation, but this can be brought on quicker with the intervention of external sources. Inflation can be brought on in only a few months by some external meddling or can happen over a few years if allowed its natural due course.



One of the more prominent effects of inflation is the value of the dollar. This value can decrease as a result of inflation, which can have a harsh effect on your finances. With the price of goods going up, and the value of the dollar going down, it becomes harder to be able to stay afloat in these situations, which is often the end result of inflation. It also means that people are forced to pay more for the things that they need and save less for the future to come. It can be hard for the entire populous, which is why investing in the right places while the economy is good is essential.



While investments may also be affected by inflation, certain forms of investment can help reduce the risk that one takes if inflation is to strike. Gold investing is one of the routes that one can take if they want to safeguard their financial situation for the future. Gold tends to be something whose value only increases over time. It is something that tends to reap benefits, no matter what part of the world that you live in. It can be a good investment if you are looking for something small, or something big to safeguard you for the future.



However, because of how uncommon gold investments and bonds are, the common people are often left with a number of questions about this and how it works. One of the first things that one needs to do is to contact an agency that specializes in offering gold and other precious metal options to people for investment purposes. It is essential that one does this through a reputed agency so as to avoid being scammed or paying too much for their investments.



The U.S Money Reserve is a company that specializes in offering gold and silver investment options to people who are looking for a better way to invest their money that can help them reap big amounts in the future. The company offers its services out of his headquarters in Texas and through their website which has 24×7 customer support.


Securus Technologies: Taking Technology and Customer Service to the Next Level

Securus Technologies is making correctional facilities better places, every day. The company has recently acquired JPay and GovPayNet to develop new technology faster. The newest invention is designed to keep contraband cell phones from being used in facilities. Known as a Wireless Containment System, the device looks and acts like a cell phone tower. Creating its own network in the facility; the device detects and disconnects any attempted calls. While the project is still in its testing stages, Wireless Containment System devices have successfully prevented close to two million calls.


Robert Johnson is a retired Corrections Officer, who knows all about the dangers of contraband cellular devices. His position required locating and ridding the prison (where he worked), of contraband. He once seized a $50,000 package, containing a prepaid debit card. Because of the confiscation, he was made a target by a prison gang. By using a contraband cell phone, the inmates were able to plot a shooting. Johnson was shot six times in his own home. Barely surviving himself, he was able to protect his wife. Johnson has since made it his goal to end this problem with Wireless Containment System devices. He now works as a consultant with Securus Technologies and is passionate about the cause. Other corrections professionals also deem contraband cell phones as one of the greatest security threats in facilities. Working alongside its two newly acquired companies of JPay and GovPayNet; Securus Technologies is working towards making the technology present in all facilities. JPay provides money transfer services and prepaid accounts to inmates. GovPayNet is a governmental payment processor, specializing in cash bail payment processing, court costs, traffic citations, and the like.


Securus Technologies has over three decades of experience in corrections management. The company is currently headquartered in Carrollton, Texas. The company is best known for providing facilities with management software, inmate monitoring, and much more. Inmates and their loved ones know Securus Technologies for their communications services. Calling plans, voicemail, video visitation, and now even tablets are among the most popular services.


Securus Technologies has accomplished a great customer service record. With nearly all problems solved on just one call to their contact center, they’re solution oriented. They’ve achieved survey results with an over 95 percent customer satisfaction rating. This is an outstanding accomplishment, for any company. The Better Business Bureau has also recently awarded full accreditation to the company. An “A+” rating with the BBB is also another testament to the great service and corporate social responsibility. Despite all the innovation, Securus Technologies makes customers their top priority. Now is a great time to check out this award-winning company. In the future, Securus Technologies will most likely become the authority on all technology related products and services.


Betsy DeVos Prepares for Political Battle in Washington D.C.

What does it take to make education reformation a reality in the United States of America? That is a question that newly minted Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, will be angling to find out. Betsy DeVos was confirmed by the Senate in a hearing to make her the head of the Department of Education. The position was made possible by President Donald J. Trump’s desire to completely change how Washington D.C. operates. President Trump rode a wave of populism and ‘outsider perspective’ straight into the White House and it looks like he is going to be expecting the same from the administration that he puts around him. While there are many high-profile names on Trump’s administrative list of hires, Betsy DeVos blends in and doesn’t stick out at all. What does Betsy DeVos bring to the table? Why will she be counted on by President Trump himself?


Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. after spending her entire career in Michigan, where she was born and raised. Betsy DeVos has become something of a mainstream name in Michigan politics, despite having never held office, and it is through her work in the Northern state that she has become something of a local legend. Betsy DeVos is for school reformation in a way that no other conservative figure has managed to be. She has become the champion of the voucher system known as school choice and she is bringing that passion and intensity of her belief-set to Washington D.C.


In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos will soon realize that things won’t be as easy for her as they will be back at home but that likely won’t even slow her down. Betsy DeVos has spent the past thirty years trying to spread the word about education reform and she’s going to be seizing upon her federal position in order to extend her reach even more. One of the big things that DeVos will have to overcome in D.C. is the propensity for career politicians to push back against a relatively fresh face in the room. As it turns out, pushing back against Betsy DeVos could end up becoming a political misstep.


During her time in Michigan, Betsy DeVos came to know Mike Cox, a prominent Republican, and former State AG. Cox quickly made it apparent that he believes DeVos is more than qualified for the job. In fact, he went as far as to say that DeVos had a habit of inspiring a bit of fear in the people that she has to engage with during negotiations. Cox went on to clarify that DeVos is so “determined” and “steely” when she’s focused on an idea, that she can end up completely overpowering opposition from other politicians. DeVos also scored rare high-marks from prominent teacher’s union activists and this is doubly surprising because most teacher’s tend to be pretty progressive, thus making their words ring all the more sincere due to the rarity of them.


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